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Vascular Surgery

Best Vascular Surgeon In Bhopal | Vascular Surgery In Bhopal

Each and every part of the body has a different definition in a medical language and so are the surgeries related to it. There are highly specialized fields focussing on various diagnosis and treatments. No wonder, Vascular surgeries are one of those wide varieties of skilled procedures performed to treat the diseases and defects related to vascular system. A vascular system disorder is related to the disorders of the arteries, vein, capillaries and lymphatic circulation. Vascular surgery is an aspect which treats and repairs the network of blood vessels and reroutes the supply of blood in a normal way. Dr. Dileep Singh is one of the best vascular surgeons in Bhopal.

From diagnosis and medical treatment to reconstructive vascular surgery and endovascular techniques; the vascular surgery includes a number of techniques to repair damaged, tightened or partially-blocked vessels. Few of the techniques and methods to mention are:-

Complex aortic aneurysm– To repair the body’s largest artery called aorta. The aorta can at times widen, stretch or even burst due to infection or weakness.

Vascular Bypass Or Vascular Graft– This surgery is performed to treat PAD (peripheral arterial blocks). When the arteries become hard or narrow, it gets difficult for the arms and feet to have a proper supply of blood. The Vascular Bypass includes cleaning of such blocked arteries. The graft used can be a plastic tube or a blood vessel taken from a patient’s body.

Carotid artery surgery– The goal in treating this disease is to prevent a stroke. When there is immense pressure in carotid arteries, it can become severe and surgeons aim to remove blockage from the arteries. In this surgery, the affected carotid arteries are repaired through endarterectomy or grafting.

The basic aim of all these procedures of vascular surgeries is to reconstruct the repair vessels and arteries and reroute the blood supply to various parts and organs for normal functioning of the body. There are possibilities of many vascular conditions in nascent/early stage to be treated without surgery, radiology or invasive procedures. But the final decision always lies in the hands of surgeons.

Doctor Dileep Singh a vascular surgeon in Bhopal diagnoses potentially very serious vascular problems. He is trained in the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the circulation, including disease of the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Contact us for more information.