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Lung Surgery

Lung Surgery

Lung transplant is surgery to transplant a diseased lung and replace it with a healthy lung. Lung transplants are used to improve the quality of life and extend the lifespan for people who have severe or advanced chronic lung conditions.

The surgery may be done for one lung or for both. Lung transplants can be done on people of almost all ages from newborns to adults up to age 65.

Types of Lung Transplant

Single lung transplant: This is the transplant of one lung.

Double lung transplant: This is the transplant of both lungs.

Bilateral sequential transplant: This is the transplant of both lungs, done one at a time. It’s also called bilateral single.

Heart-Lung transplant: This is the transplant of both, the lungs and the heart taken from a single donor.

Most lungs that are transplanted come from deceased organ donors. This type of transplant is called a cadaveric transplant. Healthy, non-smoking adults who are a good match may be able to donate part of one of their lungs. The part of the lung is called a lobe. This type of transplant is called a living transplant. People who donate a lung lobe can live healthy lives with the remaining lungs.

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